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Call 855.485.QIRT for more information

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QUALITY QIRT Advantage Platform is a powerful coding and reporting tool.
  •  Highly trained QIRT auditors review patient charts, confirm accurate diagnosis coding, and ensure documentation supports POC so that QCM checkpoints are monitored.
CLINICAL CONSULTING We understand that patient care is your priority.
  • QIRT QCM Reviews highlight agency strengths and outline plans to correct weaknesses.
FINANCIAL SERVICES Quality drives RCM by providing clean claims.
  • Billing, managed care authorization, revenue cycle management: when billing is done timely and accurately, agencies are reimbursed appropriately for the work done. QCM tracks payments and follows up to ensure the cycle is complete.
EDUCATION QIRT experts know the latest regulation changes, coding guidelines, and policy and procedures.
  •  Experts offer executive, staff, and clinician training.
  • Clinician Journey Program: Evaluate, Educate, Elevate.

COMPLIANCE Part of navigating the post-acute industry is learning all the rules. 
  • QIRT knows the rules and can help your agency prepare for success with plans for performance improvement projects.

Quality Cycle Management for the Post-Acute Industry

QIRT’s five divisions provide Quality Cycle Management (QCM) via workflow processes and operations that follow the patient’s every step along the home care, hospice, or post-acute journey.

At QIRT, we highlight quality in everything we do. QIRT experts have worked in every phase of the post-acute industry and care deeply about helping agencies do what they do best: focus on their patients. 

QIRT continues to promote QCM to capitalize on agency strengths and create checkpoints at every level of the workflow process. Understanding every step of the journey promotes quality. QIRT even uses the QCM process internally as well, to ensure we are providing the very best support possible. Our clients are benefitting tremendously from QCM.

QIRT has streamlined and perfected QCM for the post-acute industry:

QCM creates a complete picture by tracking every step along the journey and providing outcomes.

Ask yourself: 

  • Who is monitoring these steps?
  • How often?

QIRT QCM Monitoring provides the quality checkpoints your agency needs.

Lose a step, lose: revenue, time, consistency.

Benefits of QCM

  • Support initiatives with evidenced-based outcomes 
  •  Increased agency cost-efficiency and clinician competencies 
  •  Solutions to ensure compliance 
  •  Focus on agency measures 
  •  Quality checkpoints

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QIRT leads the post-acute industry in coding, billing, and consulting. Serving agencies across the United States, QIRT provides multi-level coding/MDS/UAS reviews, quality assurance, appeals, outsourced billing, consulting, and education.

15 Verbena Avenue, Suite 210, Floral Park, NY 11001

855.485.QIRT (7478)

855.485.QIRT (7478)



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