Call 855.485.QIRT for more information

Call 855.485.QIRT for more information

QIRT Platinum Solution

Outsourced Quality and Billing Bundled Together

"QIRT spends a great deal of time listening to our clients, then we work to adapt and grow to serve agency needs." -Laura Page-Greifinger,  QIRT CEO & President

QIRT Platinum Solution is a great example. Quality coding and reviews need to be done accurately and efficiently. Claims need to be submitted quickly and accurately. All of this needs to be done while agencies are simultaneously caring for patients and supporting their staff. 

Let's face it: home care and hospice agencies have a LOT of pieces to juggle. QIRT can lift the burden and free you to focus on what is most important. The Platinum Solution is outsourced quality and billing bundled TOGETHER for a complete solution for home care agencies that improves quality scores and leads to accelerated and reliable reimbursement. It also leads to provision of high quality care that increases the value of home care to the buyers of home care services. 



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QIRT leads the post-acute industry in coding, billing, and consulting. Serving agencies across the United States, QIRT provides multi-level coding/MDS/UAS reviews, quality assurance, appeals, outsourced billing, consulting, and education.

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855.485.QIRT (7478)

855.485.QIRT (7478)



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