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Compliance (n.) the action or process of doing what you have been asked or told to do. Conforming in fulfillment of requirements. 

Accuracy first, success will follow.

Compliance in home care, hospice, and the post-acute industry is about the act of documentation. Auditors read and develop a story or picture in their mind about what is happening with the patient. The only way to comply with Medicare and Medicaid regulations is to be certain that case documentation is accurate and complete. Compliance is essential to your agency’s Quality Cycle Management (QCM).

One person sees the patient and everyone else reads about it. Compliance requires complete documentation to illustrate the patient's history. 

We specialize in:

Recovery and Appeals

Our appeals specialists have an overwhelming success rate for payment of previously denied claims from all Medicare contractors.

Learn more about CMS' Targeted Probe and Educate campaign.

QIRT specialists have:

  • Completed thousands of Additional Development Requests (ADRs) in home health care and hospice.
  • Filed thousands of appeals under the current Benefits Improvement and Protection Act (BIPA) system.
  • Had thousands of claims resolved at the administrative law judge (ALJ) level. Our appeals specialists have prepared and/or represented providers under Third-Party Liability (TPL), Zone Program Integrity (ZPIC), Benefit Integrity, and Recovery Audit Contract (RAC) reviews.

Unrivaled Knowledge

QIRT recovery and appeals experts apply knowledge of Medicare, Medicaid, and other payer rules and regulations to your clinical document. This knowledge of regulations is applied to documentation to achieve a more favorable outcome than if there were no clear goal in mind. The QIRT team has extensive experience with administrative law judges across the country, where the most favorable overturn rates occur. This is coupled with extensive knowledge of rules and regulations so that denials are handled quickly and with a wealth of expertise. 

Pre-Claim Review Experts

  • QIRT assists agencies with the tasks of pre-claim reviews (PCR).
  • QIRT reviewers personally review the tasks for accuracy and fulfillment.
  • QIRT reviews become an educational tool to lessen and further eliminate errors.
  • Our GOAL is to get cases affirmed the first time, every time.
  • QIRT compliance consultants specialize in clinical quality assurance and regulatory compliance. We have extensive experience with Medicare audits, pre-pay probes, focused medical reviews, and targeted medical reviews.

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QIRT leads the post-acute industry in coding, billing, and consulting. Serving agencies across the United States, QIRT provides multi-level coding/MDS/UAS reviews, quality assurance, appeals, outsourced billing, consulting, and education.

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855.485.QIRT (7478)

855.485.QIRT (7478)



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